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May 20, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories about Boeing focus on a wide variety of topics, including whether Boeing aircraft are having more problems than previously.  Other stories include Boeing’s stance against re-locating its headquarters back to Seattle, the NTSB finding more door plug repairs, Boeing to finalize splitting some Spirit Aero facilities to Airbus, and the potential for Embraer to join the Airbus-Boeing duopoly.  From a management standpoint, does GE’s management change send a message to Boeing, will Boeing issues impact airline growth forecasts, and will Boeing crash shareholder value.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Have Boeing airplanes really had more problems lately?  Look at the numbers – Seattle Times
  • NTSB found more Boeing 737 MAX door plug repairs, Chair says – Forbes
  • Boeing won’t even considers moving HQ back to Seattle – WHDH Boston
  • Here’s what it would take for Embraer to break the Boeing-Airbus duopoly – City AM
  • GE’s leadership change signal to Boeing? – AirInsight
  • ‘Up to Boeing to fine tune its intentions’ Airbus CEO says ‘not unlikely’ it will take some Spirit Aero plants – Live Mint
  • Airline sector growth forecast ‘may be optimistic’ in light of Boeing Issues: Morningstar DBRS – Skies
  • Will Boeing crash shareholder value – Social Europe

After a day dominated by a new whistleblower, the news about Boeing is focusing on what the company plans to do on a number of fronts, ranging from the Spirit merger and Airbus taking facilities working on their programs to the company’s refusal to consider a return of the head office to Seattle, as many observers believe that senior management remains out of touch with the engineering and production realities in Seattle.

On the leadership change, we speculate about John Slattery after the changes at GE, and whether new management will finally deviate from the shareholder value metric to refocus on quality.

The Bottom Line

There are so many things going on at Boeing, and so many prescriptive articles emerging in the press, that it is impossible to avoid talking about Boeing in the industry.  Clearly, the crisis in confidence is causing repercussions on multiple fronts, and the ramifications beyond Boeing are quite serious.  But if the current CEO remains until year end, progress is likely to remain slow on the key issues of culture change and safety.

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Ernest Arvai
President AirInsight Group LLC

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