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June 13, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key news stories for Boeing are mixed, with the positive news of an order for 30 737 MAX aircraft from El Al airlines, but the negative news the specter of junk status from rating agencies  looming as the ramp-up expected in deliveries has not yet occurred as planned.  While the month before a major airshow (Farnborough next month) is typically quiet for orders, this one appears to have been placed quickly to ensure that delivery positions will be available.

In other news, the Starliner missions has been extended through next Thursday when the ship will return to earth for a soft landing.  Here’s hoping all goes well. The Voice of America is talking about COMAC and their hope that the C919 will challenge Boeing and Airbus in Asia.  Indian media are talking about a key decision for Boeing’s next CEO — whether the company needs to build a new, clean-sheet airplane.  

A story from Brazil focuses on Boeing’s investment in Brazil with a research center focused on Sustainable Aviation Fuel that has become controversial for hiring away Brazilian engineers from competitors, including Embraer.  The research center is located in Sa? Jose dos Campos, hometown of Embraer, with who a failed merger agreement is still awaiting final settlement.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing woes weigh on credit rating as specter of junk status looms – The Irish Times
  • El Al orders 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft – Aviation Source
  • Boeing’s 1st Starliner astronaut mission extended through June 18 – Space
  • A big decision for Boeing’s next CEO: Is it time for a new plane? – Deccan Herald
  • Chinese C919 jet hopes to challenge Boeing, Airbus for Asian commercial market – VofA
  • Amid controversy, Boeing expands in Brazil with a focus on sustainable fuel – Rio Times
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