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July 21, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories about Boeing cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from a ransomeware demand to new whistleblower allegations regarding “pencil whipping” of safety concerns on the 787 to an extended grounding of an Air Tanzania 787 due to Rolls-Royce engine issues.

Boeing’s firefighter lockout is causing concern, and became political with comments from US President Joe Biden.  A NASA contractor is warning of concerns with Boeing’s Starliner program, which has its rescheduled launch coming soon.

On the legal front, the Securities and Exchange commission is now investigating statements by Boeing management in the wake of the Alaska Airlines incident to determine is securities law violations occurred. This would not be the first time. Meanwhile the Department of Justice, which is considering bringing charges for fraud on the development of the 737 MAX as the deferred prosecution agreement was breached, has empaneled a grand jury, an ominous sign.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing says it refused to pay massive ransomware demand – techradar
  • New Boeing whistleblower comes forward after three latest incidents, says he was told to ‘falsify information’ – Fox News
  • Air Tanzania’s Boeing 787 grounded 7 months in Malaysia due to Rolls-Royce engine issues – Aviation 24
  • Boeing firefighters locked out by company say safety is being compromised – Just the News
  • A complete timeline of the Boeing 737 MAX disaster – Rolling Stone
  • Boeing spacecraft should be grounded over ‘risk of a disaster’ warns NASA contractor – Jalopnik
  • Boeing’s safety claims investigated by SEC after panel blew off plane – Seattle Times
  • Spirit AeroSystems to keep lower B737 output rate until YE24 – ch-aviation
  • It’s now time to address the Boeing Problem or more turbulence awaits – Seattle Times
  • Lufthansa boss vents frustration about Boeing problems – Reuters
  • Boeing’s problems rattle US aviation regulator as well – France 24

The Bottom Line

Boeing is still having its operations turned upside down and criticized in the media.  Articles this weekend about the timeline of the MAX disaster, addressing Boeing’s problems, Lufthansa venting its frustration, and Boeing problems rattling the FAA all speak to the depth to which the company has sank.  With a quarterly earnings call coming up on the 17th, it will be interesting to listen to Boeing management regarding the latest set of problems that have emerged, and the company’s plans to correct them.  Stay tuned.

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