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May 20, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories about Boeing focus on new scrutiny and limbo for MAX crash victims. An Illinois judge accepted a third try to allege fraud.  The impacts of Boeing’s problem are also prominent, including the airlines’ candid comments on Boeing’s concerns, how Boeing’s problems will disrupt summer travel, and how Boeing is impacting American manufacturing.  The slow ramp-up for Boeing has downline implications for airlines, lessors, MROs, and passengers.

  • Airlines candid about Boeing concerns – Flight Global
  • As Boeing faces new scrutiny, families of MAX crash victims in limbo – Seattle Times
  • Boeing and the Dark Age of American Manufacturing – The Atlantic
  • How Boeing’s problems could disrupt summer travel – Forbes
  • Boeing and Baltimore bridge scandals: monopolization and criminal negligence – naked capitalism
  • Vox takes a look at all those Boeing stories – Jabberwocking.com
  • Illinois judge accepts 3rd try to allege fraud against Boeing – Law360

The Bottom Line

Articles remain quite critical of Boeing, focusing on criminal negligence and the industry duopoly for large aircraft.  On the legal front, confusion remains over whether the deferred prosecution agreement has been breached, and an Illinois judge accepted a third try to sue Boeing for fraud.  Despite no initial actions, it appears that the law is beginning to catch up to Boeing.  

Finally, Vox examined the plethora of Boeing stories and concluded, as we have, that many of the incidents being reported in the press are routine and likely airline rather than airframe OEM-related. 

However, while there is overkill, Boeing’s problems remain unresolved. This is underscored by the minimal production rates for the 737 MAX and the company’s inability to ramp production while convincing the FAA that safety and quality processes are fully in place.

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