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July 19, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories related to Boeing focus on talks for large new orders with several airlines, including a potential 225 aircraft deal with Turkish Airlines that is stalled over engine pricing.  Other stories focus on the reactions of airlines to Boeings problems at the IATA meeting, with Emirates asking Boeing for compensation for late deliveries.  United has reduced hiring because it cannot obtain the aircraft it needs for its expansion program.  

There are a couple of pieces of good news for Boeing, one of which is a group of Alaska Airlines flight 1282 passengers have dropped their lawsuit, likely indicating a potential settlement.  Boeing’s Calhoun indicated that the board will decide his successor, and the company indicated that trade isolationism would hurt US trade as the election nears.  While the company did not endorse a candidate and both have implemented some restrictions with China, Donald Trump indicated that he would be more aggressive than the measures Joe Biden has put into place, implying a preference for Biden.

Politicians are demanding full accountability for Boeing’s quality and safety plan, with a key Senator meeting with the FAA Administrator next week. Politics does have a way of getting into situations that present potential congressional campaign contributions from impacted parties.  Finally, Boeing’s struggles with the Starliner spotlight a sharp contrast when compared with Space X performance.  With another launch window this week, everyone will be watching closely hoping for, finally, a success,

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Turkish Airlines’ talks for new Boeing order hinges on engine deal – Daily Sabah
  • After 777x Delays, Emirates President asks Boeing for compensation – Albawaba
  • Alaska Airlines passengers drop Boeing 737 blowout suit – Law360
  • While Boeing has struggled with Starliner, SpaceX has soared – Washington Post
  • Boeing’s troubles have trickled down to United Airlines’ hiring – Quartz
  • Key Senator demands FAA ensure accountability in Boeing reform plan – Inc.
  • Boeing CEO David Calhoun says board to decide on new boss – Business Live
  • Boeing CEO warns isolation will hurt trade as US election looms – BNN Bloomberg
  • Frustration in air: Boeing delays loom large over aviation meeting – Daily Sabah
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