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July 22, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key news stories about Boeing focus on the impacts of its issues, including airlines paying higher prices for older aircraft while Boeing’s output continued at a very low production rate in March. Aviation Week has highlighted the first quarter of 2024 as the quarter when Boeing broke, as the door plug blowout in January resulted in a cascade of changes for the company.

On the political front, Senator Duckworth is critical of Boeing’s communications with pilots and the failure to disclose flight deck features, including door security, to pilots. On the customer front, Boeing’s incoming chairman has canceled a customer round table and is meeting with carriers individually as customers are fed up with delays and obfuscation from management.

Finally, with JetZero cleared to fly a demonstrator blended wing aircraft, the future of aircraft design is a topic covered by CNN.  Links to today’s key stories can be found below:

  • The quarter when Boeing broke – Aviation Week
  • Airlines desperate for planes are paying more for older models – The Straits Times
  • Boeing 737 output slumps amid quality checks – Reuters via YouTube
  • New Boeing chairman leads path to bring airline bosses back on board: reports – Aerotime Hub
  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth calls for FAA review of Boeing’s failure to disclose 737 MAX flight deck features to pilots – CBS News
  • JetZero: Groundbreaking ‘blended wing’ demonstrator plane cleared to fly – CNN
  • The disarray at Boeing’s 737 factory ahead of blowout – Newsmax
  • It’s an empty executive suite – City Journal

The Bottom Line

The management shake-up continues to reverberate, but stories are changing to discuss the effects of Boeing’s problems and to trace back the source of those issues.  There has been speculation about Boeing, with fewer facts than we’d like to see in many articles.  Nonetheless, while still negative, the press is moderating to focus on cause and effect rather than the vitriolic Boeing-bashing we’ve seen over the last two months. 

Unfortunately, messages about what is changing on the factory floor at Boeing are not being heard, and the company’s lack of transparency regarding those changes results in an impression that the current management team is ineffective.  However, it is up to Boeing to dispel those impressions with facts, such as slowing the line, eliminating traveled work, and enhancing the quality system.  The Boeing PR gap still exists, as does Boeing’s no-longer-earned arrogance, which needs to be closed quickly.  Stay tuned. 

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