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Embraer’s E2 family emerged with great promise, only to be met with the negative tsunami that was Boeing’s perfidious merger move. This took a toll on the E2’s momentum, as it did on the entire Embraer commercial aircraft division.  It has been some time since then, Embraer has bounced back, and the E2 family is seeing growing market acceptance.  What do we know about the aircraft’s performance?

Expectations for the E2 were high because of the reputation Embraer had built from the E-Jet family.  Where many other OEMs had stumbled in the “crossover jet” segment, Embraer proved it could deliver the right aircraft economics in what had been called the “aircraft graveyard.”   The outcome was Embraer owned the space from 100-120 seats. If you needed an aircraft that size, Embraer was the top choice.

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