In a recording that takes over an hour to listen to, Gordon Autry and Dennis Heap tell the story of Rocky Mountain Airways.  Like all stories by pioneers, their story intertwines with so many others.  In this story you hear about being in the US business before deregulation and post de-regulation.  You learn of the gestation of de Havilland’s Dash 7, and Rocky Mountain’s important role in the airplane nowadays sold as the Q400. The impact of STOL was supposed to be big back then.

US pioneers were pathfinders in many ways. It took lots of savvy and guts to build the industry that we take for granted today.

The story Gordon tells touches so much of the US industry, it is an education.  AirInsight plans to conduct more of these conversations (see the video posted below this post as another example) and if you have an aviation story to tell or know somebody who does, please get in touch.


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