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July 14, 2024
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Welcome to Morning Call for September 2, 2021, and the Top Aviation News Stories for today.  You can also search our Archives for older news stories by date.  

AirInsight US Airline Index

For the first time this year, average monthly passenger traffic fell in August when compared with July.  There are two reasons for the decrease, the first being constraints on airlines to add additional flights due to staffing shortages, and second, particularly for the second half of the month, concerns about the Delta variant and a new spike in global pandemic cases. Though vaccinated patients appear to have a minimal illness when compared with those unvaccinated.  

The question now is whether traffic will follow a more normal pattern and continue to fall before rising slightly in October, or whether the pandemic takes hold again.  We believe that a constrained historic pattern will emerge, reflecting historical seasonalities but at a temporary low level until the industry can re-fleet, re-staff, and international travel re-opens.  The Average Daily chart, along with our daily updates on traffic and our AirInsight US Airline Performance Index follows:

Commercial Aviation

  • Emirates accelerates final A380 deliveries – Aerotime
  • Eastern Airlines plans for 35 Boeing 777Fs – WorldAirlineNews
  • David Joyce joins Boeing Board – FlightGlobal
  • Electric Power May Transform Regional Airline Business Models – AIN

Business Aviation

  • NBAA requires vaccines – AIN
  • VoltAero Boosts Advisory Board With a Trio of Airbus Veterans – FutureFlight


  • Michael O’Leary: Are passengers nervous on the Boeing 737 Max? – Independent
  • Qatari jet lands in Kabul to offer help – DailyMail
  • Southwest Pilots’ Union Sues Airline – Entrepreneur

Urban Air Mobility

  • Vertical Aerospace is progressing toward first flight of the VA-X4 eVTOL – eVTOL
  • Paragon continues to commit to urban air taxi movement in Brownsville – Urbanairmobilitynews

Social Media

  • Qatar and the Taliban? – Twitter
  • Taliban hanging a man from a rope beneath a helicopterReuters

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