An incident resulting from a bumped passenger being physically and violently taken off an airplane has gone viral. The flight needed space for four employees, exacerbating the impact of overbooking. You can watch the video here.

There has been a lot of criticism of United and its CEO Oscar Munoz as a result.  United’s statement and a recap of the incident is summarized here.

The Bottom Line

The repercussions of this video going viral and with the video shown on international news media, it will likely cost United dearly in image and lost revenue. We’ve even seen reports that some Star Alliance partners are concerned because their passenger may have United flights and are understandably balking after viewing this incident.  Unfortunately, United doesn’t get a “do-over.”

•  This is another black eye for United, only two weeks after the “leggings” incident

•  The airline has a habit of shooting itself in the foot, as this situation could have easily been avoided

• With two negative viral incidents in recent weeks, UAL clearly needs to up its social media image.

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