The emergency airworthiness directive issued Friday for knife-edge seals on Pratt & Whitney GTF engines on the A320neo family covers 43 engines post serial number 777450 that are active in the Airbus fleet.  The AD today has grounded at least 11 aircraft that are equipped with the new model engines, as well as halting deliveries of new engines to the Airbus production line, resulting in additional customer delivery delays.

Because the AD requires “de-pairing” of the affected engine models, engines from those 22 aircraft on which they are installed will likely be transferred to other aircraft in existing fleets to mix impacted and non-impacted engines and avoid the potential for a dual IFSD. This means the AD will likely impact 44 aircraft overall that are currently in service once the de-pairing is completed.  There are currently 113 GTF powered A320neo family aircraft in service with 226 engines, so the AD impacts the most recently delivered 19% of the fleet.

As we obtain more information on the timing of the potential fix, we will continue to update the story.

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