With the recent from DoT, we were able to refresh one of our fuel models. Our source data comes from the P-12a. The chart shows some variance.  The price variance is lower than it appears on the chart. For example, in 2020 the highest cost (Delta) was $1.93 the lowest (Frontier) was $1.53.  And 2020 has seen the lowest since 2016.

  • Alaska – this airline saw a big decline in costs after 2014 through 2016.  Then, with the Virgin America merger, costs rose.
  • Allegiant – Operating the MD80s drove p, the switch to Airbus has dropped those costs appreciably.  Note they have the second-lowest costs in 2020. This is interesting because the Airbus fleet had the opposite effect at Alaska.
  • American – has consistently had a relatively low cost.
  • Delta – It may be great to own a refinery, but flying older aircraft pushes fuel costs. Delta went from the middle of the pack to #1 in fuel costs.
  • Frontier – There have been some big swings, then a drop to the lowest costs since 2016.
  • Hawaiian – Its routes allow for relatively longer flights this seems to have helped to keep low.
  • JetBlue – Since 2016 the airline has seen a steady rise in fuel costs.
  • Southwest – from being #1 in 2016 2017, Southwest has managed to bring itself down to the middle of the pack.
  • United – This airline appears to have managed its well, consistently being among the lowest.
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