Wonder how the industry is doing as we get their most recent reports? Take a look at what they filed with the US DoT. Here’s the model subscribers get to with.

Top left chart: In terms of FTEs, was the first to move on bringing people back. This data is through 8/2021 and is quite recent. Could this be why Delta has had few interruptions?

Bottom left chart: Confirmation that the post-2019 dropoff was cataclysmic. It is amazing that any has survived this long, absent government support we might have any airlines left. Traffic dropped back to 2005 levels.

Top right chart: In sympathy with ASMS, no surprises. But we can see how big Southwest has become – it’s no small from Texas anymore. The big four took the biggest traffic dumps.

Bottom right chart: A key ratio of productivity. The higher you are, the more efficient. The top three are Allegiant, Spirit, and Frontier respectively. Even after severe cutbacks in staffing, they remain the most efficient by this metric.


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