That really useful dataset known as Form 41 has been updated through year-end 2020. People like to criticize this source as full of holes and unreliable. Until the data shows something they like.  Regardless of your view on this data source, it remains the most granular source of its kind. Here’s an example of how we use it.

Subscribers have access to more that utilize this source. They include:

  1. Margin Forecast
  2. Operating 1 & 2
  3. Fuel Burn Model
  4. US Airline Op Costs
  5. MAX vs NEO
  6. Fuel Cost Model
  7. Engine Model
  8. US Airline Expenses
  9. 737 Metrics
  10. Economics
  11. Major Airline Economics
  12. Flight Op Costs

Would you like to take a look? Get in touch.  (Academics and journalists get free access)

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