The ongoing saga between Boeing and Bombardier is a lot more than just about these two companies.  If the DOC sides with Boeing (the generally expected political outcome) then who else gets hurt by this?  Here is a list of major components making up the aircraft and the vendors that supply them, and how large the US manufacturing impact could be.

The third column lists the companies in the UTC combine.  We included Rockwell Collins inputs as part of the UTC column, recognizing the pending merger.  There are 28 main items that go into the C Series.  Of these, 10 (36%) are from the UTC combine.

Bombardier has said the C Series is made up of 55% components from US suppliers.  Another number is that 50% of the value of the C Series is provided by U.S.-based companies.   Bombardier won’t provide a breakdown for each vendor, as it changes over time and remains confidential.

The Bottom Line

UTC alone accounts for over one-third of the major components of the aircraft.  This is why imposing tariffs on the C Series program will negatively impact over 22,000 high-skill jobs in the USA.  Over half of the C Series is produced in the US.  The CS100 aircraft doesn’t compete with the 737, so US aerospace supply chain jobs WILL be negatively impacted if the DOC sides with Boeing over Bombardier, as the replacement aircraft would likely come from Brazil rather than the Canada.

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