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Commercial Aviation

  • Southwest Airlines orders 34 more 737 MAX7s – Yahoo
  • Boeing Charged Japan 1,500% Markup on Plane Part, Air Force Says – Bloomberg
  • Boeing Jet Sales Surge as Pandemic Retreats in U.S., Europe – Bloomberg

Business Aviation

  • KKR is investing $150 million into private aviation firm Jet Edge – BusinessInsider


  • Air Canada says senior executives to voluntarily return 2020 bonuses – CTV
  • U.S. And U.K. Travel Industry Bosses Resort To Begging Publicly For Removal Of Covid-19 Flight Restrictions – Forbes
  • Qatar Airways mystery row with Airbus is finally revealed – ArabNews
  • Flybe’s operating license revoked – Aerotime

Urban Air Mobility

  • Flying car battery breakthrough makes futuristic transport ‘commercially viable’ –  Independent

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