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At the recent Farnborough show there was a lot of attention on Airbus and Boeing as the biggest news makers.  With these two firms having the largest volume sales in order size and value, this is to be expected.  But, arguably, the market around 100 seats is far more vibrant and a lot more competitive.

For a start there are more players: Bombardier, Embraer, Mitsubishi, SuperJet and AVIC.  This makes for a much more cut-throat environment.  Bombardier and Embraer are market defenders in the segment, while SuperJet, Mitsubishi and AVIC are segment disruptors.

Bombardier has two options in the 100 seat segment, the CRJ1000 and the CS100 on offer.  The CRJ1000 may be one of those aircraft that became a stretch too far, much like the A340-600.  It has not seen great sales, especially when compared with the similarly  sized CRJ900.  Bombardier… Continue reading

Bombardier offered three flights today at Farnborough, and we managed to get on one of those.  The ride was impressive.  The aircraft used for the event was FTV5.  This is a test aircraft in SWISS colors.

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