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The commercial turboprop market remains essentially a two-horse race between ATR and Bombardier. The story is interesting. The chart below shows the order history for both models since 2000. ATR had a bumpy start but has done exceptionally well since 2004, albeit with much more volatile swings in its order book.

2015-10-01_8-38-09The list prices for the aircraft are different, and the ATR72-600 trades at a 17.3% discount compared to the Q400. As is well known, list prices bear no resemblance to the prices at which orders actually occur. But the gap is important to note.

The chart illustrates why this is important. Although the “list” gap is over 17% in favor of the ATR72-600, professional appraiser values show that a 2013 model of each aircraft in service this year only sees a 2.7% value difference, in favor of the Q400.   Looking out to 2024, the gap moves to… Continue reading

2015-10-01_9-34-07Bombardier announced Okinawa-based Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd is the unidentified airline that had signed a firm purchase agreement for five Q400 turboprop airliners announced in July 2014. Based on the list price for the Q400 aircraft, the transaction is valued at about $168m. The Q400 combi aircraft offers up to 9,000lb. of cargo capacity and up to 1,150 cubic feet of cargo volume.

The image below was taken inside the first RAC combi two weeks ago and the sheer volume of the space is clear.  The bulge on both sides is where the rear passenger door is located on the full passenger version.  The cargo bay comes with independent fire suppression. The orange box to the right is a weight used to provide ballast on test flights.


RAC is a part of the Japan Airlines Group and is also the launch customer of the Q400 cargo-combi variant… Continue reading

The program has now comfortably exceeded its original target of 2,400 hours and we estimate the program is now at over 107% of the target.  As the chart illustrates September was a slower month. But looking at the trend, it seems that August was a spike making September more consistent with the earlier months. Continue reading

In the two minute video you will hear (and see) why Bombardier says the C Series is quieter than the already quiet Q400.  The demo was for the local media of course, to demonstrate the case the airplane will work well at an expanded Billy Bishop Airport in the heart of downtown Toronto.

There was only one customer on site – Bob Deluce from Porter.  Mr Deluce noted that the Q400 and the CS were incomparable in terms of taxi noise – one could not hear the CS taxi.  He felt the flyby noise was very close but favored the CS.  When asked about the Billy Bishop flyover by the CS, he smiled and noted that along with their ice cream dessert the 500 people at the airport BBQ were getting a surprise visitor from Bombardier.

The case for the airport’s expansion was made by a… Continue reading

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