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Pratt & Whitney is well positioned to take market leadership from CFM International over the next decade. Airbus selection of the GTF on the A320neo family provides the validation from one of the two large manufacturers to confirm the decision of three other programs that the GTF provides superior economics and performance. Next on the horizon for PW are Embraer and Boeing.

The innovative Geared Turbofan from Pratt & Whitney has now been selected for four new technology aircraft programs, with the Airbus A320neo joining the Bombardier CSeries, Irkut MS-21 and Mitsubishi Regional Jet. With Boeing now leaning to a new program, it is likely that the GTF will be offered, along with the CFM LEAP-X, on the new 737 replacement, as Boeing will be unable to ignore the most efficient engine in the marketplace. While that program is still years away, we believe it will offer two engine options,… Continue reading

In light of the experience with supply chain challenges at Airbus and Boeing, the markets have been eyeing the CSeries development program at Bombardier with a well deserved jaundiced view. After all, if the big OEMs can’t get it right, how could a smaller OEM? Continue reading

Now that Airbus has made the decision to proceed with the A320 New Engine Option (NEO), what is the impact on the aviation industry?

First, the decision was long-expected and in many respects overdue. Many initially expected Airbus to make the announcement at the Farnborough Air Show last July. Airbus CEO Tom Enders had to be convinced that engineering resources would not be diverted from the A350 XWB program, which has now officially suffered its first delay from delivery promised in the first half of 2013 to the second half. In the end, Enders became convinced.

So let’s look at Who’s Who and What’s What.

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Qantas is an airline with an incredible safety record.  Its reputation is well deserved and was immortalized in the movie “Rainman”.   Equally impressive is the history of the airline.  Qantas opened for business in 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services. Continue reading

Now that Airbus’ NEO is official, what next?  We now have three players in the 100-149 seat segment.  The duopoly is over and the segment is now more complex.  Before NEO, Airbus and Boeing vacillated between three options; do nothing, re-engine or do a clean sheet design.  But with NEO here the three players
Below we offer a quick summary of key points in the 100-149 seat segment.

•    Had to refresh the A320 family as it was falling behind
•    NEO is a considerable update – the NEO should be more fuel efficient and quieter than the 737NG
•    Is threatened by the Bombardier CS more than Boeing – and was forced to respond after losing the Republic order
•    May struggle to get customers to pay a premium for NEO
•… Continue reading

The current state of the unending tanker war is as it always was – nowhere.  We discuss the situation with Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia. The conversation starts off talking about Loren Thompson’s information about Boeing feeling like they are losing this war; then we go on to talking about WTO; who looks like winning; the changed political landscape and the likelihood of a protest by the loser. It’s a frustrating conversation because it seems like there has been no progress at all.