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May 26, 2024
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Here is a very pleased Bob Saia from PW standing by a CSeries fan blade.  The company firmed its order with ILFC today for 120 GTF engines plus spares.  No wonder he’s smiling!

Note, by the way, the blade has four distinct edges. (Just sayin’)Even though CFM has been announcing orders left and right, it was PW that started the ball rolling in terms of the next generation of engines. Which is what you’d expect, since they started they started the ball rolling (blade spinning?) in aero engines in the first place.

This company’s engine heritage is the history of flight. If you doubt this in any way, go visit their museum in Hartford. There you will see the engines that powered every phase of flight.  Most of the engines at the museum carry the famous eagle and that great tagline – Dependable Engines.

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