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April 17, 2024
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UPDATE – Both Airbus and Boeing have met and even exceeded their delivery targets for 2023. Airbus has delivered 728 airliners, Boeing 524 commercial plus a few military aircraft. Embraer and ATR fall short of their targets with respectively 61 and 33 deliveries, preliminary data compiled by AirInsight shows.

We stress that these are not the official numbers, but AirInsight has tried to determine the correct number of deliveries for December on a day-by-day basis. We tracked deliveries on Phil’s Airline Fleetnews, compared them with Skyliner Aviation, and referred to Planespotters and Flightradar24 if there were any doubts. We added the December deliveries through December 31 to the official numbers for 2023 through November 30 provided by Airbus and Boeing to get to the full-year numbers.