Here’s the updated model. Click the double-headed arrow for optimal viewing.

  • The continues to stand out.  194 deliveries and 128 orders YTD. This model accounts for 72% of Airbus orders and 33% of deliveries YTD.
    • Consider this in light of the MAX10/Ryanair kerfuffle. If MOL wants to demonstrate credibility, he needs to make the switch to A321neo – this is high-stakes poker after all. The current management does not suffer from the previous Ryanair aversion.
    • And if that happens, does Boeing go to Washington for help? The ITC/ history isn’t from that long ago.
  • The is also having a good year, with 21 orders and 29 deliveries in the midst of a pandemic. From not being an product until recently, it accounts for 8% of orders and deliveries YTD.
    • This is another thorn for Boeing’s MAX program.
    • The ghost of the ITC/ case once again.
  • looks rather solid given the pandemic.
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