Alaska Airlines buying mood continues, with the airline converting options for another twelve Boeing MAX 9s. says it accelerates its fleet growth and sees the purchase as a “prudent, long-term investment in our business.” Alaska continues buying more MAX 9s.

The latest order includes ten MAX 9s that will be delivered in 2023 and two in 2024. On May 12, exercised options on thirteen MAX 9s, with nine coming in 2023 and four in 2024. Following the two orders, it backfilled its options with 25 aircraft to bring it back to 52 again.

On December 22, announced the first amendment of its original order when it purchased an additional 23 MAX 9s. This brought firm orders to 68, which now become 93 after the latest conversion. Combining the aircraft from the original order with the two latest ones, the carrier will now take delivery of twelve MAX this year, 31 in 2022, 32 in 2023, and 18 in 2024. The 52 options are expected to be delivered between 2023 and 2026.

hasn’t disclosed the impact of the new order on its capital expenditure. It says that thanks to its solid financial foundation, it is able to make the investment while maintaining a strong balance sheet. The airline reported positive cash flow and a profit for its second quarter. 

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