A report from Japan says ANA is buying three A380s.  On June 21 2015 we wrote about how we thought Skymark bankruptcy would play out.  We asked Intrepid Aviation for feedback and wrote about that too.

As we noted in second story at the time: “For Airbus to switch sides something big must have been offered.  Bear in mind Airbus has a lawsuit against Skymark for A380s, two of which are parked forlornly in Toulouse.

As Nikkei story points out: “It proved to be a factor in Skymark filing for bankruptcy protection in January 2015 and ANA sponsoring subsequent rehabilitation. ANA indicated to Airbus possibility of future orders in return for supporting the Japanese carrier’s turnaround plan during an August vote among creditors.”

So great news for Airbus and its A380 which has been in the hunt for orders for a long time.  It also cements the relationship between ANA and Airbus.  But no airline has ever bought three A380s.  The number is simply too odd to be all is to say.  We are of the view this is the opening act in a play that is still developing.  Airbus got to save the two Skymark A380s and probably one of the Transaero airplanes.  But is almost certainly more to come.  The Skymark A380s came with Rolls-Royce engines and we expect to see these ANA aircraft select the same engines.

By way of interest, ANA uses the ThompsonAero Vantage seat. If one to their site and takes a look at their LOPA layout, note that is an A380 listed.  ANA is a ThompsonAero customer.  Is this the planned upper deck configuration for these new A380s?


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