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May 26, 2024
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Bombardier announced this morning that its two latest models in the Global business jet family, the Global 5500 and Global 6500, have been awarded type certification by Transport Canada, and are ready for entry into service. Type certification paves the way for entry into service, which was planned before year-end. The team, shown around the aircraft, brought the airplane in early and under budget.

Announced in 2018 at EBACE, the new models have been certified earlier than initially planned and below the anticipated budget. Given recent experiences with both business jets and commercial aircraft, being on-time and under-budget is a rare circumstance these days. This is also a sharp contrast with the C Series program, which was delayed and over budget before a majority interest in the program sold to Airbus. Things are looking up for Bombardier’s business aircraft operations and Bombardier shareholders as a result.

David Coleal, President of Bombardier Aviation, stated “Following their dramatic unveiling last year, these aircraft continue to surprise and surpass expectations. Thanks to a new wing design and custom-made Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the Global 5500 and Global 6500 jets boast furthest-in-class ranges, offering unrivaled performance and unsurpassed passenger comfort, at exceptional operating costs. Not only did we deliver on our commitments but we did it on schedule, demonstrating the ingenuity, skill, rigor and consummate professionalism that is inherent to the longstanding winning DNA of our dedicated team members.”

The Global 6500 will be the first aircraft to enter service and features higher performance than the Global 6000 it succeeds. With a range that can connect Hong Kong or Singapore non-stop to London, or Toluca to Madrid. With a range 600 nautical miles better than the Global 6000 it replaces and a 13% fuel burn reduction, comparative economics have become more favorable against smaller and less capable competitors. Similarly, the Global 5500 can connect São Paulo to Paris, or Los Angeles and Moscow, with a 500nm increase in range over the Global 5000.

The wing of the new Global aircraft has been designed to provide not only operating efficiency but a smoother ride, which is a hallmark of Bombardier’s business jets. The interior of the Global cabins is the strong suit of the aircraft, with advanced seating and the Nuage seats and chaise, which can be utilized in multiple positions, as shown in the photo below. Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat is also exclusive to the new Global aircraft family. With its distinctive technology, the Nuage seat is ideally suited for long-range flights.

The two aircraft completed their certification testing at Bombardier’s Wichita facilities. The recently certified Pearl 15 engine from Rolls Royce was developed at their Dahlewitz, Germany center of excellence for business aviation engines and encompasses the latest in technology. From enhanced aerodynamics to blade cooling and advanced engine health monitoring systems to predict potential problems, the purpose-built engines contribute to the performance of the Global 5500 and 6500.

Bombardier’s Vision Flight Deck has a comprehensive suite of advanced avionics, including combining the latest in technology, including synthetic vision, from Collins.  Having been designed as a part of the cabin, the level of quality in small details, the fit and finish and the placement of flight controls and seating comfort have changed the game for long-range flying.

From the announcement in May 2018 to certification in September 2019, the new Global models have progressed ahead of schedule. We expect entry into service later this year.

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