Bristow Group is currently the largest eVTOL customer.  After adding another 50 orders with Lilium, Bristow Group is currently the largest eVTOL customer with orders/commitments for 350 vehicles.  Avolon is second with 310.

Bristow has 60 years of experience offering aviation solutions. They are the world’s leading provider of helicopter transportation to oil and gas customers, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support solutions to government and civil organizations. Bristow has one of the largest helicopter fleets, including ~240 aircraft ranging from single engines, light, medium and heavy twins. This fleet operates in nine countries.

The company has embraced the eVTOL market. It has orders/commitments with five OEMs: 100 Elroy, 100 EVE, 505 Lilium, 50 Overair, and 50 Vertical Aerospace.   This certainly de-risks their commitments but begs several questions.

As a commercial operator with 60 years in business, the eVTOL exposure sends the signal that for Bristow, the eVTOL market is not only realistic, it is viable. Moreover, given Bristow’s history, orders from them could be seen as a major boost to any OEM.  If you meet Bristow’s requirements, your eVTOL has an endorsement from one of the industry’s leading firms. It should be noted that at this writing, Bristow accounts for ~7% of all eVTOL commitments.

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