INSIGHT – Tighter and Tighter, Seat Layouts are Changing

Two metrics we utilize to measure comparative aircraft efficiency are cost per seat or cost per seat mile. Both require knowing aircraft seating capacity. In that regard, the trend has been for more seats, rather than fewer for single-aisle aircraft. Seat layouts are...

Boeing is the greenest OEM

"Green" is the new thing in aviation - sustainable aviation is the new mantra. The airline industry wants to be carbon neutral by 2030 or 2050, depending on China.  The goal to move toward a cleaner environment is admirable and appropriate.  Clean air is like clean...

2021 Data in – Carbon Model Update

It feels like forever, but at last, we have the crucial update to the T2 dataset. This source provides more gems than most others.  It is from this database that we developed our Carbon Model. Since we developed this model about a month ago, we have updated it to...

INSIGHT – Comparing seat miles per gallon

The US Department of Transportation compiles economic data from airlines regarding operating costs, with fuel being one of those key elements.  We examined our airline operating cost model and developed a comparative fuel metric, which is seat miles per gallon.   The data for our models are updated about 6 months after the close of a calendar quarter, so our current data is through the 3rd quarter of 2021.  Our models, available free to subscribers, update automatically based on the latest available data.   

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Faury made official

Airbus sent this note: Airbus Board of Directors Selects Guillaume Faury Future Chief Executive Officer Amsterdam, 8...

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