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Premium Op Ed: In the pre-race for NMA – The hill for WA State gets steeper and uncertain

It is “silly” season again, a Formula 1 terminology, used to describe which driver is going to drive for which team the following season.  The Boeing Company appears to have a similar, albeit much more distant effect on states vying to capture final assembly or at...

Hawaiian’s fleet choices

At present, it is still a rumor. But the decision process dates back at least four months.  Hawaiian has been the “last man standing” on the A330-800 with six orders.  The airline has made it plain months ago they were uncomfortable with this situation.  Nobody wants...

797 announcement in Dubai?

French newsletter AeroDefenseNews this morning reported that the Boeing middle of the market aircraft launch (“7M7”) could take place as early as the Dubai Airshow (November 12-16), possibly with Emirates as the launch customer. The 797 (we assume) will fit in the MoM...

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