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Breeze T-5 filing

Yesterday Breeze Aviation Group, Inc., David Neeleman's new US airline, made a new filing.   The filing of a redacted T-5 is to keep certain data away from prying eyes (competitors).  Here's the data filed. The plan shown reflects steady and deliberate progress...

So where might Moxy fly? Try our model and see

One of the industry intrigues is which markets this yet to be officially named airline might serve when it launches. Moxy is a new airline led by David Neeleman, one of the most innovative airline entrepreneurs and founder of JetBlue Airways. In addition to JetBlue,...

Neeleman buying CS300s?

Please start here.  Moxy Airways and 60 CS300s? The answer is yes, this is real.   The deal leaked before it was expected.  The airline is apparently securing its financing.  Mr. Neeleman will have no problem with that at all we expect. He is a highly bankable airline...

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