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July 20, 2024
Daher at NBAA 2022
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Daher, at NBAA 2022, briefed the press with corporate CEO Didier Kayat and Daher Aircraft CEO Nicholas Chabbert.  Topics include the Kodiak 900 launched at EAA Oshkosh, the latest on the TBM 960, and Daher’s growth in North America with their aerostructures business.  A video of their press briefing follows:

Key takeaways are that the Kodiak 900 appears to not cannibalizing the Kodiak 100 market, but complementing it, including several new orders during the EAA airshow at Oshkosh in July when the airplane was launched.   Featuring a 3.9-foot fuselage stretch over the Kodiak 100 and a higher thrust engine to provide a maximum cruise speed of 210 knots.  The aircraft has a high speed range of 969 nm and a max range cruise of 1,129 nm at 156 knots.  The short-field capabilities of the aircraft are impressive, with a take-off ground roll of 1,025 feet and a landing ground roll of 1,460 feet.  With a flaps-down stall speed of 65 knots, the aircraft can accommodate backcountry landings and grass fields.

The TBM 960, with multiple digital upgrades from auto-throttles to the Garmin autoland system, has been delivered to its initial customer, and the 1,100th TBM has now been delivered.  The continued innovation in the TBM series of high-speed turboprops has made the TBM 960 a much more capable aircraft with a lower pilot workload than earlier models.

Daher, with the aerostructures business acquired from Triumph, now adds Boeing to its customer list and serves both Airbus and Boeing in the commercial aviation world.  As a key component supplier, Daher is well positioned for both vertical integration with its own products and supplying other key industry players with key components.  The future looks bright for Daher as it expands its aircraft, aerostructures, and logistics business units.

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