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June 16, 2024
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Gulfstream at NBAA 2022 featured its latest products, including the G700 and G800 test aircraft that they flew to the show.  Gulfstream’s CEO Mark Burns outlined how the 2014 strategy to renew the product line with the G400, G500, G600, G700, and G800 is coming to fruition with the latest models approaching entry into service. From a world tour of the G700 to new service and support facilities to support growing demand, it is a busy period for Gulfstream. A video of the press briefing follows:

Gulfstream, at NBAA 2022, displayed two versions of the G700 at the static display, one with a corporate-style interior and another with an executive mini-suite at the rear of the cabin.  The corporate interior is shown in the images below and offers multiple workspaces.  The first image is of the main cabin, followed by the more private meeting area in the rear.  

Gulfstream at NBAA 2022

The rear area of the cabin contains a more intimate space for private meetings.

Gulfstream at NBAA 2022

The second interior option provides a mini-suite in the rear cabin, including a bedroom.

Gulfstream at NBAA 2022

The second interior also has a comfortable main cabin.

The G700 is progressing well with flight tests, and the G800 will be right behind it, with entry into service a few months later.  After a software issue on the G500 and G600 caused a shifting of resources, the entry into service for the G700 and G800 shifted about six months to the right.  The backlog for these aircraft is strong, with new orders scheduled to deliver between 2025-2027 depending on the model.

The G400 cabin mock-up was also on display, highlighting its shorter but equally comfortable cabin configuration.  Aimed at the transatlantic market, this aircraft is ideally suited to providing comfort on domestic and shorter international routes.  

With the G400, G700, and G800 added to the existing G500 and G600 aircraft, Gulfstream will have a very young fleet of modern aircraft at the top end of the market.  While new competition is coming from Dassault and Bombardier, Gulfstream is well-positioned to maintain market leadership in large-cabin jets.

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