It’s been several months waiting for the DB1B to be updated and it is so at last! The update gives a look at the entire 2020, a year that lives in infamy (to quote somebody famous). 

There are three databases that make up the DB1B  and they are huge.  Subscribers get to see all three and we will share the simplest and smallest one here, the ticket model.  This model allows you to look at volume and ticket prices by the state of origin and see how each of the big did.

In case you are wondering about the other two models: One is the coupon model, showing the US market in several charts over two pages by airline. It is highly detailed with a history starting in 2016. The second is the market model, starting from 2016, that allows a reader to select an origin market/city and see the Top 20 markets by average fare and miles flown. This model also has two pages.

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