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July 21, 2024
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Deutsche Aircraft continues on schedule developing the D328eco and has completed seat selection as it finalizes its cabin design. Acro aircraft seating has been selected to provide their Series 9 economy class seats for the D328eco and retrofit the existing D328 family of aircraft. These seats are designed for high-density short-haul routes and are strong and lightweight. That should translate into higher reliability and lower maintenance costs, a key factor for airline customers.

Acro Aircraft Seating is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Tiancheng Controls Company Limited, a world leader in the manufacture and sale of vehicle seats. With a product portfolio that includes aviation, automotive, commercial vehicles, farm and garden, trains, boats, and child safety seats, the company has a strong position in the Chinese market. Since the acquisition, Acro has relocated from London Gatwick to a state-of-the-art facility in Crick, Northamptonshire, for design, engineering, and manufacturing. Additional Acro facilities are planned as the company grows its Asian market presence.

We are delighted at this latest endorsement for our versatile Acro Series 9, particularly as Deutsche Aircraft is so widely respected in the industry, not only for its commitment to the very best in engineering design, quality, and innovation but also for its far-sighted sustainability policies,” said Neill Cairns, Chief Executive of Acro aircraft seating. “The Acro Series 9 delivers on every aspect, providing quantifiable and tangible benefits alongside elegant aesthetics and supreme comfort. It’s a perfect partnership, and we’re excited about contributing to the ongoing success story at Deutsche Aircraft.”

Deutsche Aircraft
The Acro series 9 features a synthetic leather cover, a pre-reclined fixed seat back, a single leaf tray table with a cup recess, aluminum armrests with disabled access, lightweight seatbelts, a life vest pouch, USB sockets for device charging and English placarding. The lightweight of the seats contributes to the sustainability mission of the D328eco, contributing to lower fuel burn and emissions.

Acro Aircraft Seating has been selected based on a multifunctional assessment of innovation, sustainability, quality, and economic factors,” said Nico Neumann, Chief Operations Officer at Deutsche Aircraft. “Besides serving our D328eco in a baseline 40 PAX configuration, the selected seats will be available as a retrofit option for our D328 Turboprop and D328 Jet, enhancing the passenger experience of our operating aircraft. This selection is a significant step within the D328eco development schedule, as we are now completing the interior selection for the cabin, cargo, and cockpit.”

The Bottom Line:

Deutsche Aircraft appears on schedule for its D328eco certification and entry into service in 2026 and is currently finalizing the lightweight interior of the cabin, cockpit, and cargo holds. The new aircraft, designed for sustainability, has a cabin stretch from the D328 turboprop yet is lighter, providing substantial fuel economy benefits and carbon emission reductions per passenger.

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