We asked an official at Aseman Airlines about expectations regarding their renewal, which has slowed.

  • How long do you think it will take for OFAC to approve the deal?
    It was expected 9 months after signing MOA but it seems we need to be more patient since there is no firm date yet. It will damage our planning to loan the money from available sources since they cannot keep the credit forever.
  • Is your sense that the Trump administration is a hurdle or slowing things down?
    He is slowing, there is no OFAC issuance after Trump. The biggest one was released during last month of former government which was issued for Air deal. There is not even an OFAC license for Documents updating services after Trump. I think this condition is making more difficulties since there is no firm plan to follow up. If they will reject or issue, we will make our own decision to follow.
  • What made your select the MAX over the neo?
    Due to our successful experience by operating Boeings, spares are more and cheaper in the market, the aircraft is easier to maintain. The Boeing sales team approach to Aseman was really straight and friendly. They taught us all facts and figures about Boeing Max with no exaggeration. They have been in very regular contact and communication with us to learn about Boeing and its services. We had many expertise meetings with them to learn what the Boeing constraints are in performance and what we have to do to make a successful business model to operate. When we learned we selected precisely.
  • You are quoted as saying Boeing will fund 95% of the deal – how will they do this?  Is it a lease through Boeing Capital?  Is the deal in US$?
    Yes Boeing is supporting us to find financiers for PDP and payment, however, we shall do it by ourselves as well. Finance will be followed with respect to all rules, guarantee, and regulations. So there are no extra services. The deal is in US$.
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