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May 20, 2024
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AirInsight is pleased to announce it has published two in-depth reports on the leading aircraft in the 100-150 seat segment.

Our assessment is that Bombardier and Embraer will essentially split ~80% of the market for approximately 4,000 aircraft. We believe Airbus and Boeing will only together retain ~20% share over the next 20 years in this segment.  This volume should ensure both small OEMs cover their breakeven numbers.   Which should also provide both firms with excellent financial platforms to grow aircraft offerings.  For Bombardier, this growth likely means a CS500 to get to a three member family. For Embraer, with a three family solution from 78 seats to 130 seats, management seems satisfied.  But knowledge from developing the KC-390 will be useful for the company’s next programs.  Embraer has a track record of driving IP from every program into each succeeding program.

We have a combo pamphlet that describes the reports.  If you are familiar with our work, you know these reports are extensive and thorough.  We believe these two reports provide analysts with the most comprehensive, objective insight into the two programs.

  • For the CSeries report we spoke with a number of former and current senior company officials to explain what happened behind the scenes with delays. We also updated our economic data to reflect new performance information. This report is the third CSeries report we have undertaken, and provides a thorough program review and includes information through October 2016.
  • For the E2 report we chronicle how Embraer’s stable senior management team is providing a program that is on budget and on-time.  We explain how company philosophy of internalizing knowledge plays out – de-risking the program while building a more valuable workforce.  This is our first E2 report and also covers all program information through October 2016.  The report covers all three E2 models.

The economics of both programs were analyzed using our proprietary model, and then fact checked with both OEMs and other sources.  The two reports provide comparative data for both programs, including the various sub-models and the primary competition from Airbus, Boeing, IRKUT, COMAC, Antonov and Mitsubishi.

The reports can be purchased online from our site using the links above.  If you would like both reports, we are offering a discount.  Please email us to discuss this.

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