EASA issued a Notification of a Proposal to issue an Airworthiness Directive focused on the CFM LEAP 1A, October 13.  EASA states: “ was identified that a batch of high-pressure turbine (HPT) rotor stage 2 disks are possibly affected by a forging process deficiency during manufacture. This may have caused undetected defects in the disk bore, resulting in a lower life capability. This condition, if not corrected, may lead to failure of the HPT rotor stage 2 disk with uncontained debris release, possibly resulting in damage to the engine and to the aeroplane.”

EASA went on to state “To address this potential unsafe condition, CFM issued Service Bulletin (SB) LEAP-1A-72-00-0167, listing the affected HPT rotor stage 2 disks by serial number, and providing instructions to remove, inspect, and replace those HPT rotor stage 2 disks with serviceable parts.”

must ocur before an affected part exceeds 1,200 cycles, and must be replaced with a serviceable part in accordance with the instructions of the SB. The LEAP 1A is on the and A320neo.  The A319neo in flight test also has the LEAP engine.

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