JSC “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft” reported today that it obtained EASA approval of Sukhoi Superjet 100 Long Range (SSJ100LR). The certificate enables Sukhoi Superjet 100 deliveries to the foreign customers with the range increased by 50% comparing to the basic version (SSJ100 Basic).

The new range for the aircraft rises from 3,048km (1,645 NM) to 4,578km (2,471 NM).  The LR version has been flying within Russia since 2014 (picture of a Gazpromavia SSJ100LR). The LR represents about a quarter of the SSJ deliveries.

The additional performance capabilities of the SSJ means the ~100 seat market will grow ever more competitive.  However focus for the SSJ will remain outside the US absent an FAA certification.  Whether Sukhoi might try to get the EASA certificate recognized by the FAA is an open question.  (We asked) The SSJ has built an order book of 370 and 96 have been delivered.

SSJ has only two western customers at present (InterJet in Mexico and CityJet in the EU).  The forthcoming winglets and growth to 98 seats will only add to the aircraft’s attractiveness.  Besides, it is priced considerably cheaper than the competition.  The regional jet business is tougher than the big jet business.  Order volume is lower and there are products from Bombardier, Embraer, SSJ and now Mitsubishi.  Which means its a great place to be a buyer, if not a seller.


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