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June 15, 2024
Embraer announced it is opening 1,000 job vacancies in Brazil
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This morning Embraer announced it is opening 1,000 job vacancies in Brazil.  That number represents 5.5% of its current workforce. These jobs focus on production rate recovery, Services and Support area growth, product development, and new businesses. 

Embraer previously announced that it expects the “volume of aircraft deliveries will increase between 15% and 25% compared to the previous year.” Over the past two years, Embraer ensured its sustainability and engineering capacity in the face of the impacts caused by Covid-19 on the global economy and the cancellation of the partnership with Boeing. In order to remain competitive and get through the crisis in the sector, a strategic plan was drawn up and executed, allowing the company to recover and resume a new growth cycle, including rehiring for operations. 

A particular bright spot for Embraer is its Eve project, which is leading the sector. As noted by TAC the FAA is “revising its approach” to certification.  Whereas many eVTOL programs are new to aviation, Embraer has an impeccable record for certifying aircraft.

These hires materialize the strategic plan that includes the resumption of aviation growth and all investment in technology, innovation and new businesses at Embraer. We are very excited about the market prospects that generate career opportunities in several areas of the company,” said Carlos Alberto Griner, vice-president People, ESG and Communication. “Alongside the talents of traditional educational programs that meet the needs of accelerated qualification and natural replacement of professionals, the new employees will contribute to our efforts to have a more agile and competitive company in an increasingly flexible and diverse work environment.” 

A spokesman noted: “It’s another sign we are emerging strongly. Most of the jobs (60%) are related to Operations – due to production rate increases – the guidance for the year shows an increase of 15%-25% deliveries (commercial + executive) from last year. On top of that, Services continue to recover strongly, plus needs in the Engineering team with the Eve project and other projects. In summary, it is the best proof point of the company’s confidence.”

Further support to Embraer’s growing confidence is a note we received from a lessor today, “…there is going to be a severe shortage of lift and in relatively short order.” On a podcast yesterday with ch-Aviation, the same issue emerged. Embraer is moving in a timely fashion.

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