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May 27, 2024
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A350-900_EMIRATES_RR_V03News out early today is a surprise to say the least.  “Airbus confirms that Emirates Airline has decided to cancel its order of 70 A350 XWB aircraft. The decision follows on-going discussions with the airline in light of their fleet requirement review, as demonstrated by their order of 50 additional A380 at the last Dubai Airshow and their continuous interest in the program.

Airbus and Emirates Airline benefit from a long-standing relationship and the airline recently reiterated its confidence in Airbus products particularly by praising the A380 and the benefits the aircraft brings to their operations.

The order of 50 A350-900 and 20 A350-1000 was originally placed by Emirates Airline in 2007 with first delivery slots scheduled from 2019.

Airbus is very confident in its A350 XWB programme. Half a year before entry into service, the A350 XWB order book stands at a healthy 742 firm orders. The A350 flight test campaign is progressing well and is on track for Type Certification in the coming months.

Interest in the game changing A350 has always been very high with customers. Airbus expects the A350 order book to continue growing in 2014.”

This decision is likely to be a cause of great speculation around the industry.  The Emirates A350 order was originally seen as replacing the 777 when they are to retire.  Now that issues is wide open.  Boeing is sure to step into any gap that emerges.  Perhaps the 777-300ER at end-of-season pricing?

We are at Airbus’ Innovation Days this week, and are eager to hear the combined wisdom of over 100 industry journalists present.  You can be certain this is item #1 in every conversation here this morning.

3 thoughts on “Emirates cancels A350 orders

  1. Might the talks with Boeing a few weeks ago regarding the 747-8I have a bearing on this issue? I still see some life in the 747-8 program and an EK order might jump start the order book.

  2. I believe EK is going to order B747-8i, it is the right plane for long sector. While 2 engines planes proof to be safe, I still in believe that flying 4 engines planes like A380 or B747-8i are much safer.
    Hope to see EK ordering B747-8i soon

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