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February 20, 2024
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F/LIST is an Austrian company that specializes in specialty interior design items for aircraft, yachts, and high end homes. It has turnover of more than $100 million, and employs more than 750 people worldwide. Currently, about 70% of their business derives from specialized interiors in business jets. The company has just opened a new manufacturing facility in Montreal, close to one of its major business jet OEM partners, Bombardier. This is their first manufacturing facility outside of Austria.

F/LIST has a unique line of products for aircraft completions, including hardwood and leather flooring and stone veneers that are lightweight, fire retardant, and can be shaped for specialized applications on board aircraft. The company offers one-stop shopping for high-end interior products.

I had an opportunity to drop by their booth at EBACE, and their veneers are quite unique and strikingly beautiful. Examples can be seen at their website and in the following photos.  This photo is of a striking Global 6000 interior.

One of the company’s unique products is the ability to manufacture stone veneers that provide the light weight and flexibility needed for aircraft use with the elegance that is required for high-end designer cabins.


F/LIST also has customer support facilities in Savannah, Georgia near Gulfstream, Melbourne, Florida near Embraer, and is building a new support facility in Boulder to support Pilatus Aircraft as the new PC-24 enters service.

We had an opportunity to speak with Sean Johnson, CEO of F/LIST Canada, to discuss the company and its plans. That conversation follows in the podcast below:

The new facility in Laval, just north of Montreal, represents an investment of more then $20 million Canadian, will encompass 59,000 sq. ft. and will employ up to 100 specialists within the next two years.

The company has received financial support from the government of Quebec and from Economic Development Canada totaling more than $8.5 million. Katharina List-Nagl, CEO of F.LIST GMBH, stated “F/LIST has a long and successful history in Canada, working closely with Bombardier and other partners in the region, It made great busines sense to set up our centre of Canadian operations in Laval, where we are so close to so many great aerospace businesses and opportunities.”

The Bottom Line: Innovation and quality drive F/LIST’s aircraft interior materials, which are both functional and artwork at the same time. Bringing manufacturing to North America will expand the market for their innovations, both for new aircraft and retrofits.

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