Some perspective on the Boeing 737MAX might be useful for people who are nervous flyers. Social media is abuzz with noise after the events over the weekend.  Data will lead you to the truth and enable one to observe the situation from a factual, rather than emotional perspective. Ignore the noise.

In 2018, through November, there were 19,017 departures in the United States on the two models in service in the US. These flights carried 2,828,923 passengers.  There were no “events”.

The table breaks down the flights and traffic by model.  The source of the data is the US DoT’s T-100 database.

In the 333 days worth of data we have, about 8,500 people per day in the US were on an average of 57 flights operated using Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. And nothing unusual has happened.

The table below lists the top 1/3 of all city pairs flown in the US through November last year on the Boeing MAX.

The Bottom Line

The Boeing 737MAX routinely flies all across the US, even to Hawaii, without attracting any attention.  So far, in service with US carriers, the aircraft has done its job and appears to be as safe and reliable as other aircraft types.  Speculation on aviation safety, without having the facts from an investigation, is a dangerous precedent, whether by regulators or industry pundits.

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