Almost lost amidst the acrimony and controversy over a delay in the of the first 747-8F to Cargolux, which finally occurred yesterday, is the fact that the first of the new generation GEnx engines has entered service.  The GEnx-2B engines power the , and the will also soon enter service on the .

GE currently has for more than 1,300 GEnx engines for 47 customers between the 747-8 and 787 programs.  The GEnx features a lightweight and durable composite fan case, 18 composite blades in the fan section, a four stage booster, 10 stage compressor, low NOx TAPS combustor, a 2 stage HPT and 7 stage LPT to generate 15% better fuel efficiency than the prior generation of engines.

Congratulations to GE and Boeing on their first of new technology programs.

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