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June 20, 2024
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GAMA released its 2nd Quarter statistics for 2019, and the General Aviation segment remained flat, with billings for aircraft shipments at $4,745,757,918 in the second quarter, compared with $4,746,516,129 in 2018. However, data for Dassault were not included in the 2019 report as of this writing, but reported $575,000,000 in billings in 2018.

The variability in the mix was minor year to year, with 21 more piston aircraft and 11 more business jets, but 38 fewer turboprops, as shown in the chart below:

Helicopter shipments in Q2 2019 included 44 piston and 195 turbine helicopters with billings of $919,628,694, compared to 72 piston and 207 turbine helicopters in 2018 that billed at $984,011,850, a decrease of 6.5% in billed value.

The full GAMA 2Q report may be found here, and the full year 2018 results, broken out by quarter, may be found here.

By company, results differ significantly, as shown in the chart below:

Cirrus, Embraer, Gulfstream, Pilatus, and Piper are up year over year in deliveries, with Bombardier, Daher, Honda and Textron down year over year. Dassault has not reported results as yet.

The Bottom Line

The General Aviation market remains relatively flat, continuing a trend of very slow growth over the last few years. Recovery to pre-2008 delivery levels remains very unlikely over the next three to five years. The most significant market growth has been in large aircraft, with Gulfstream and Bombardier the beneficiaries at the top end of the market, which continues to thrive. The light jet market remains weak, with the newest models generating interest. Piston aircraft are up slightly due to increased demands for training amid the current pilot shortage, but not enough to change the growth outlook for the low end of the market.

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