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April 19, 2024
HondaJet Elite II
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The HondaJet Elite II was launched at NBAA 2022, an upgrade to the Elite S with additional range and capabilities. At Honda’s press conference, Honda Aircraft Company CEO Hideto Yamasaki detailed the new model, as shown in the video below:

The HondaJet Elite II adds range, ground spoilers, new cabin improvements, and a stabilized approach feature upgrading the existing HondaJet models,  FAA certifications are expected over the next few weeks, with customer deliveries expected later this year.   The new NBAA IFR range is 1,547nm, based on four passengers and a 100nm alternate, a gain of 110 nm over the Elite S.   The Maximum take-off weight for the Elite II will be 11,100 pounds, compared with 10,900 for the Elite S, without a significant change to the empty weight.  This additional weight accommodates the additional fuel for the increase in range.

The HondaJet Elite II also features a ground spoiler system that optimizes take-off and landing performance, assisting pilots with visual and verbal alerts to help pilots maintain aircraft stability on approach.  The Elite II will also include an autothrottle system and Garmin’s autoland technology, its first application on a multi-engine jet for automatic landing in the event a pilot becomes incapacitated.   New paint schemes and interior upgrades are also planned for the Elite II, including new acoustic treatments for noise reduction and a new LED lighting system.

Honda is currently shifting production from the Elite S to the Elite II, which has a list price of $6.95 million.

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