The FAA is now apparently investigating the handling of the 737NG in addition to the handling of the 737MAX with respect to runaway trim situations.  During the analysis of emergency procedures utilizing a 737NG simulator, regulators are now aware of an issue that may inhibit recovery from a runaway trim failure at low altitudes, according to news reports.

Many Boeing 737 pilots have been trained on the “roller coaster” maneuver to recover from a runaway trim situation should all else fail.  Because of forces at speed that could make the effort required to manually trim the physically impossible, the recommended approach is a repeated dive and climb situation, adjusting trim during the climb when speeds are lower, to fully recover control of the aircraft.

It appears, however, that this procedure is inadequate at low altitude, and that a potential risk exists with the 737NG, of which more than 7,000 are currently in service, is being investigated.

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