Last week at an employee forum, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker made some controversial statements regarding the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.  In response to a question from a pilot, he stated that the 737 MAX “is safe for American Airlines pilots to fly, and we could be flying it today.”

That stance, of course, differs with that of the FAA and other international regulators, and is somewhat arrogant in its stance – our pilots are better than yours – particularly when compared with pilots of some international airlines.  He went on to state “I have always believed – because you all have told me, I’m not capable to make this assessment, but the pilots of American Airlines have told me from the beginning, we kept flying it after other countries have grounded it, we have pilots ferrying them around today without a new software fix on it” American’s pilots were confident flying the plane before it was grounded, and continue to be confident flying it today without any software changes or additional training that may be required.

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