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July 23, 2024
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8738Yesterday the third Superjet 100 delivered to Interjet landed in Toluca (Mexico) to join two SSJ100s already in service. The aircraft was rolled out at SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice after completion of customization and the technical acceptance procedure November 5, 2013. Later that day, XA-JLV as it is known, took off from Venice Marco Polo airport for the ferry flight to Toluca.

The airplane, MSN 95028, was flown by Interjet crew. The ferry flight made tech stops in Keflyavik (Iceland) and Bangor (Maine) and then flew directly to Toluca, confirming its range capabilities. The first two SSJ100s in service with Interjet are demonstrating typical industry performance, with over 99% dispatch reliability and an average daily utilization of 9 flight hours. This is a very good result for a new aircraft. The fourth SSJ for Interjet (MSN 95036) is currently under completion at SuperJet International in Italy.

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