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May 26, 2024
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This morning it was the turn of the engine companies to provide updates.  The sessions were excellent.  By the time P&W and CFM completed their briefings one felt updated on the big picture and nuances.

P&W clearly feel the wind at their backs and the picture from their presentation by Todd Kallman, President P&W Commercial Engines and Global Services was able to show meaningful successes.

As the image shows, P&W have been making inroads in a very competitive market.  Clearly despite delight at being on all the programs, the biggest win so far is being on Airbus’ NEO.  If there was one thing on everyone’s lips at ISTAT, it was NEO.

Then we had a presentation from CFM International’s CEO Jean-Paul Ebanga.  He dropped some fabulous numbers – over 540 million flight hours and growing which is equivalent to 60,000 years.  Think about that for a minute.  With 20,000 engines delivered CFM is the industry benchmark in its category.  Check out our video with Mr Ebanga.

However, given that the industry is opening up, one had to wonder how come PowerJet did not make an appearance?  Not invited or decided not to give a presentation?

Of the engine companies, we were delighted that CFM’s President and CEO agreed to give us 10 minute to repeat the highlights of his presentation.  See the video.

The event was really well run and the speakers and their presentations of the highest caliber.  There was a larger contingent of media this year than before. The ability of the media to upload content to the web was challenging – this may be the only event drawback.  One minute of video took an hour to upload.  Bandwidth was a constraint. Living as we do in a real-time news world, ISTAT could appreciably grow its news feed by providing more bandwidth.

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