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December 4, 2023
Care to share?

The Gulf region is underserved by regional aircraft of up to 150 seats. So there should be huge potential for Embraer to capture market share in the coming years with its E2-family. That’s the view some lessors shared on Sunday in Dubai during the Embraer Symposium. The Brazilian OEM held the event one day before the Dubai Airshow kicks off.

“There is huge relevance here and perhaps there is underrealized potential. Other regions in the world have a 60/65 percent to 40/35 percent split between widebodies and narrowbodies. Here in the Gulf region, it is 90/10 percent. So there clearly is untapped capacity in this part of the world. Regions are domestically and internationally that are underserved,” said Tom Gathercole of Aircastle. The lessor has a portfolio of 19 Embraer E195-E1s and E195-E2s.