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July 12, 2024
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Operating a helicopter service in Maine is challenging.  Thomas P. Judge, Executive Director, explains what it takes to operate helicopters in this environment and why his firm, Lifeflight of Maine, selected their equipment vendors.

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Addison Schonland
Co-Founder AirInsight. My previous life includes stints at Shell South Africa, CIC Research, and PA Consulting. Got bitten by the aviation bug and ended up an Avgeek. Then the data bug got me, making me a curious Avgeek seeking data-driven logic. Also, I appreciate conversations with smart people from whom I learn so much. Summary: I am very fortunate to work with and converse with great people.

1 thought on “Lifeflight of Maine

  1. We have first-hand, excellent experience with Life Flight of Maine. Our son was on a summer camp biking trip on Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine, when one of his fellow campers started horsing around which caused our son to go over a cliff on his bike. The Mount Desert Island Hospital doctor, believing he had suffered internal injuries, recommended a medevac to Eastern Maine Medical Center (two hours away by road/ambulance or 12 minutes by helo). We learned this after our son had been sedated for transport.

    We hoofed it out to LaGuardia for the next flight to Portland, ME, figuring we would need to be there to authorize whatever surgery was necessary. As we were enroute, we got a call from the doctor who did his intake evaluation at EMMC. Thankfully, our son was was none the worse for wear, other than some deep cuts and bruises, and his clothing having been cut from him during transport. The EMMC doctor also reported that our son’s camp counselor was enroute by road to pick him up, so we waved off the flight to Portland.

    The Life Flight of Maine people were obviously very competent and very considerate. After some negotiation, we finally got Harry’s summer camp medical insurance to cover the $5500 medevac invoice. Not inexpensive, but had the medical situation turned out to be more acute, the helo transport would have been necessary to keep our son in the Golden Hour.

    Prompt dispatch, timely response, safe and reliable operation, professional care, all part of the Life Flight of Maine package.

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