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June 20, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus Helicopters Announces 43 Orders at Heli-Expo 2019 – Source: AviPros
  • Robots Finding Their Place In Aviation Aftermarket – Source: MRO
  • Air Lease emerges as customer for four more A350s – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Airbus deliveries up  -Source: FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • VistaJet Talks about its order for Bombardier’s Global 7500 – Source: CNBC
  • Step inside the Denali – Source: Cessna


  • Jet Airways planes to be redeployed if no restructure agreed this month – lessor – Source: Reuters
  • United to unveil new look – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Novoair eyes turboprops, narrowbodies to boost fleet – Source: ATW


  • Sale of slots will lead to uncertainty in airline operations – Source: EconomicTimes


  • Turkey brushes off US warning over S-400 Russian missile purchase – Source: TheNewArab

Social Media of the Day

  • Russian SU27 intercepts RC135 – Source: Twitter
  •  MAX10 wing assembly starts – Source: Boeing

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